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Digital Signal Processing, TSRT78


Exam form: The exam consists of 4 exercises, each exercise giving a maximum of 10 points (40 points together). Roughly half the exam requires mainly pen and paper solutions and the other half is mainly concerned with computer based solutions. Some of the exercises can be solved either way. A preliminary outline of the exam is 1/4 transforms, 1/4 model estimation, 1/4 Wiener/Kalman filter and 1/4 adaptive signal processing.

Allowed aids: The course book, "Signal Processing", the computer and MATLAB are allowed aids during the exam. You are also allowed to bring tables and formulary (Sv: tabeller och formelsamlingar) such as Physics Handbook and Mathematics Handbook. Material from the problem classes and the labs is not allowed. Normal study notes are allowed in the books. The computer and Matlab is allowed, but no communication or information gathering using the network or Internet.

Aids not allowed: Notes (as mentioned above, normal study notes in the text book are of course allowed) and the exercise book. Internet and other network activity are not allowed. Furthermore, you are not allowed to access your own directory during the exam. During the exam there will be a daemon active, which monitors all network traffic.

A minor warning: Many students arrive at the exam rather unprepared, especially when it comes to using the computer and Matlab. The available time is soon used if you have to think about everything that is to be done in Matlab and consult the book for each theoretical task. Hence, it is very important to work on your own in front of Matlab and to solve the exercises indicated in the plan for the problem classes.

Preliminary grading table:
Points Grade
0-14 Fail
15-22 3
23-29 4
30-40 5

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