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Modeling and Simulation: Exam

The examination for the course consist of a 4-hour exam that can be graded with a maximum of 50 points. The corresponding grades are as follows:

Points Grades
0-22 Fail
23-32 3
33-42 4
43-50 5

MathModelica will not be used during the exam, but examined only in the lab 1 and 2. However, you are expected to be able to work with Matlab and the Matlab System Identification Toolbox, similarly to what you have done in the computer classes and in the labs. In the exam there will be computer exercises worth approx. 10-15 points.

Permitted material

During the exam you are allowed to consult the following:

  • T. Glad & L. Ljung, Modeling and Simulation
  • T. Glad & L. Ljung, Control theory / Reglerteknik - Grundl?ggande teori (grundkursboken)
  • Tables and formulas
  • Basic (non-programmable) calculator
Other course material is not allowed during the exam. Ordinary hand-written notes in the course books are allowed, but no solutions to exercises, summaries of the theory, etc.

Communications with other people or retrieval of information through the web/internet is not allowed during the exam.

The computer files from the lessons and lab exercises that may be available on the computer account may be opened and used in the examination, but the exercise book and other exercise materials (eg, Computer exercises in system identification), as already mentioned, are not allowed. Note that the exam is constructed in such a way that you will not need to look at the previous code to solve your problems. It is more useful that you learn to manage the documentation in Matlab (for example, type doc idgrey for help on the command idgrey).

General tips for the exam

  • Remember to register for the exam.
  • The exam takes place in the ISY computer rooms (EGYPTE, ASGARD, OLYMPEN, and if needed BOREN and ROXEN).
  • Meeting point for the exam is normally in the corridor in front of Egypten/Asgard/Olympen
  • Log in: you log in with your student account, but it will be in "exam mode" (i.e., you will not have access to your files or to the internet)
  • Matlab: In Linux, Matlab can be started from a terminal window (right click on the background and select Open Terminal) and in it type module add prog/matlab and then matlab &
  • Procedure for printing out:
    • Each room is equipped with a printer which you have to use to print out the plots/code required by the exam.
    • On each page you print write your AID number
    • In Linux: A file (called file_name) can be sent to a specific printer by typing a command like
       lp -d printer_name file_name 
      in a terminal window. (Replace printer_name with the correct printer name.)
    • If you select File / Print in a simulink diagram you can specify a specific printer by adding the
      in the box at Device options.
    • Text can be entered in a matlab plot using the command title or gtext.
    • Make sure you know how to do these things before the exam!
  • Print out the files and figures regularly during the exam.
  • When doing an identification exercise with the help of the system identification GUI:
    • Right-click on the icon of the model you have computed and then click Present. The model description appears then on the matlab main window. Copy it into a file and print it.
    • In order to print a plot from the SysId GUI, you might need to select Copy Figure under File. In this way you get an ordinary matlab plot which can be edited normally.
  • Except for the exercise that requires matlab (for which you have to print graphs and data of the model) all other exercises can be hand written (pen and paper)
  • Remember that the exam is for you to show what you can do, not for "guessing" solutions. Write clear justifications, only code is not enough! (It is often the case that you get more points if you have written down a correct method to find the solution but accidentally get the wrong answer, than if you have the right answer but a flawed description of how you have come to that).

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