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TSRT14 Sensor fusion

Laborarory work: Orientation estimation using smartphone sensors

An orientation filter is implemented using measurements from gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer in a smartphone. The lab is compatible with any android phone containing these sensors (which most modern smartphones do). Our own Sensor Fusion Android app is used to stream sensor data from the phone to matlab.

In this lab you stream acceleromter, gyroscope and magnetometer measurements from a smartphone to your computer. Given these measurements the task is to implemented a filter to estimate the orientation of the phone in real time using techniqes from the course. In the end you compare the build in orientation estimate provided by google.

The lab is compatible with any android phone containing the necessary sensors (which most modern smartphones do). Use your own phone, or use a phone provided by the course during the lab. An example of collected measurements that can be used for debugging purposes, or if you lack an android device, are available.

Lab material:


The laboration is split into two parts, an introductory session and an examination session, separated by approximately one week of independent work. The introductory session is intended to help you get started with the laboration tasks, sort out any practical issues with data collection and to provide you an opportunity to ask questions about the lab. During the examination session, you present your findings to a lab assistant and are expected to be able to answer questions about the lab in general.

Suitable group size is two students and you have to register for the lab:

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