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Sensor fusion, TSRT14 Period VT2, 2022

Current information

  • Jun 2: Today's exam and solutions have been added to the homepage.
  • May 12: Welcome to Guest Lectures in the Sensor Fusion Course May 17 at 10 AM

    It is my pleasure to announce that I have engaged two guest lecturers for the last lecture in TSRT14 on May 17 at 10 AM:

    • Dr. Thomas Svantesson, who works at Qualcomm/Arriver.
    • Dr. Rickard Karlsson, who works at NIRA Dynamics.

    Both Thomas and Rickard have extensive experience in the field of Sensor Fusion and related problems, and represent two companies in Linköping who make heavy use of techniques form the course. They will tell you about how they use the type of skills that you have acquired in come to use in their daily work. Previous years these lectures have been very appreciated, as they give more insights into how the methods from the course can be used in real life.

    I will also spend a few minutes to summarize the course, and tell you what to expect from the exam.

  • Apr 14: A new version of SigSys have been released that fixes an issue with the legends produced by xplot2. The new version can be downloaded from the homepage.
  • Apr 13: We have decided to shift of the focus of exercise 4 slightly, and the exercise plan has been updated accordingly.
  • Mar 24: The homepage has been updated to reflect the 2022 version of the course.

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