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Control theory: Latest news

  • 2022-01-11: Here is a series of FAQ for the 2022 version of the course.
    • How will the lectures be carried out? Live and in presence.
    • How will the exercise sessions be carried out? Live and in presence.
    • How will the lab be carried out? Live, the first lab in RT3, and Labs 2 and 3 in computer rooms.
    • If I am not feeling well? Stay home and do not show up in campus. If you miss some lectures you can watch last year (2021) recorded lectures available in Lisam. The program is the same and so is the organization of the lectures.
    • Should the labs be carried out alone or in pairs? Preferably in pairs but alone is OK as well if space allows.
    • Do I need to signup for the labs? Yes, for lab 1, and for the evaluation of the preparatory exercises of lab 2 (to do before the lab). Signup forms are in Lisam.
    • How will the exam be carried out? In presence, see exam web page for the details.
  • 2022-01-11: LISAM course page: LISAM page
  • 2020-01-15: Math primer. A brief summary of the mathematical tools that should be known to follow the course is available here.

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