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The course has 3 compulsory laboratories.


All labs should be carried out in pairs, but if you prefer to work alone that can be accepted for this year (2022) if space allows.


  1. Lab 1: Multivariable regulator
    • Lab pm
    • Code
    • Where: Laboteket (RT3)
    • Sessions: (8 places each)
      • Monday February 21st, 17:15-21.
      • Tuesday February 22nd, 13:15-17.
      • Tuesday February 22nd, 17:15-21.
      • Wednesday February 23rd, 13:15-17.
      • Wednesday February 23rd, 17:15-21 (use only if all other slots are fully booked)
    • Registration: Lisam
    • The preparation is evaluated with a "dugga" at the begin of the session.
    • Evaluation: the lab is evaluated on the spot by the lab assistant.

  2. Lab 2: Robust control design for the JAS 39 Gripen.
    • Lab pm
    • Code skeleton for the preparatory tasks
    • Code for the lab
    • This lab has extensive preparatory tasks which will be evaluated before the lab takes place, on Monday February 28th. Registrer for this preparatory evaluation on LISAM.
    • Carry out the lab: after the evaluation of the preparatory exercises you are free to do the lab by yourself in the ISY computer rooms. The following rooms are booked:
      • Asgard on Tuesday March 1st, 17:15-21:00 (a lab assistant will be available in the first 2 hours).
      • Olympen on Wednesday March 2nd, 17:15-21:00.
    • Evaluation: Olympen on Thursday March 3rd, 8:15-10:00

  3. Lab 3: Stability analysis and regulation of a nonlinear system.
    • Lab pm
    • Code for the lab
    • Lab session: Asgard on Wednesday March 9th, 17:15-21:00.
    • No registration needed.
    • Evaluation: on the spot.

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