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Cooperative Localization

Funding agency: SSF
Acronym: COOP-LOC (used in acknowledgements and administration)
Funding: 18 MSEK over five years
Time period: 2013-2017
PI's: Fredrik Gustafsson and Erik G Larsson (Communication systems, LiU)


The projects studies localization issues in sensor networks from an industrial perspective. The underlying idea is that collaboration between different devices and their infrastructure improves performance, compared to what individuals can achieve. Demonstrators include:

  1. Relative navigation of groups of aircraft using radio links (SAAB)
  2. Platooning of trucks using radar and wifi (Scania)
  3. Positioning of cell phones for self optimizing networks (Ericsson)
  4. Localization of personell and equipment in mines (ABB)
  5. Self-calibrating ground sensor networks (FOI)
  6. New approaches for differential satellite navigation (Lantmäteriet)
The projects involve many MSc students and adjunct researchers for the applied research, as well as academic PhD students and postdocs for the basic research.


Our strategy is to run a couple of MSc projects on each demonstrator project to learn the problem, get personal relationships between academia and industry, and to get real data and relevant problem formulations for the research.

Public demonstrators

With extra support from SSF, we have deployed a painting application and the Visualization center in Norrköping. It uses a patent pending magnetic tracking algorithm, that came out as an early spin-off from the project. A youtube video demonstrates how it works: Video.


Saikat Saha, postdoc,
Carste Fritsche, postdoc, 2012-2013, now at GMX, Munich
Vladimir Savic, postdoc
Peter Stenumgaard, FOI/adjunct professor
David Lindgren, FOI/adjunct researcher
Gustaf Hendeby, FOI/adjunct researcher
Rickard Karlsson, FOI/NIRA/adjunct researcher
Fredrik Gunnarsson, Ericsson/adjunct researcher
Niklas Wahlström, PhD student, Licentiate March 2013
Per Skoglar, FOI/PhD student, PhD June 2012, now at SenionLab
Niclas Evestedt, PhD student 2013, now migrated to the iQMatic project with Scanio


All publications are available as open access from our library. To find the pdf to the first paper, Google 'Nonparametric generalized belief site:http://liu.diva-portal.org'.

Journal papers

  • V. Savic, and S. Zazo, "Nonparametric generalized belief propagation based on pseudo-junction tree for cooperative localization in wireless networks," in EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Feb. 2013
  • A. Athalye, V. Savic, M. Bolic, and P. M. Djuric, "Novel semi-passive RFID system for indoor localization," in IEEE Sensors journal, vol. 13, issue 2, pp. 528-537, Feb. 2013.
  • Particle filtering with dependent noise processes S Saha, F Gustafsson Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on 60 (9), 4497-4508
  • Road Target Search and Tracking with Gimballed Vision Sensor on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle P Skoglar, U Orguner, D Törnqvist, F Gustafsson Remote Sensing 4 (7), 2076-2111
  • Generating dithering noise for maximum likelihood estimation from quantized data F Gustafsson, R Karlsson Automatica
  • Some relations between extended and unscented Kalman filters F Gustafsson, G Hendeby Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on 60 (2), 545-555 (11 citations)
  • Sensor models and localization algorithms for sensor networks based on received signal strength F Gustafsson, F Gunnarsson, D Lindgren EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2012 (1), 16

Conference papers

  • C. Lindberg, L.S. Muppirisetty, K.M. Dahlen, V. Savic, and H. Wymeersch, "MAC delay in belief consensus for distributed tracking," to appear in IEEE Proc. of 10th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication (WPNC), Dresden, Germany, March 2013.
  • H. Wymeersch , F. Penna, V. Savic, and J. Zhao, "Comparison of reweighted message passing algorithms for LDPC decoding," to appear in IEEE Proc. of Intl. Conf. on Communications (ICC), Budapest, Hungary, June 2013.
  • V. Savic, and H. Wymeersch, "Simultaneous localization and tracking via real-time nonparametric belief propagation", to appear in IEEE Proc. of ICASSP, Vancouver, Canada, May 2013.
  • A voyage to Africa by Mr Swift N Wahlstrom, F Gustafsson, S Akesson Information Fusion (FUSION), 2012 15th International Conference on, 808-815
  • Online EM algorithm for jump Markov systems C Fritsche, E Ozkan, F Gustafsson Information Fusion (FUSION), 2012 15th International Conference on, 1941-1946
  • Importance sampling applied to Pincus maximization for particle filter MAP estimation S Saha, F Gustafsson Information Fusion (FUSION), 2012 15th International Conference on, 114-120
  • Online EM algorithm for joint state and mixture measurement noise estimation E Ozkan, C Fritsche, F Gustafsson Information Fusion (FUSION), 2012 15th International Conference on, 1935-1940
  • Multiple target tracking with Gaussian mixture PHD filter using passive acoustic Doppler-only measurements MB Guldogan, D Lindgren, F Gustafsson, H Habberstad, U Orguner Information Fusion (FUSION), 2012 15th International Conference on, 2600-2607
  • Rapid classification of vehicle heading direction with two-axis magnetometer N Wahlstrom, R Hostettler, F Gustafsson, W Birk Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2012 IEEE International ...
  • Non-linear filtering based on observations from Student's t processes S Saha, U Orguner, F Gustafsson Aerospace Conference, 2012 IEEE
  • Marginalized particle filter for dependent Gaussian noise processes S Saha, F Gustafsson Aerospace Conference, 2012 IEEE
  • Geolocation - Maps, Measurements and Methods F Gustafsson Data Fusion & Target Tracking Conference (DF&TT 2012). PLENARY

Book chapters

  • Navigation and tracking of road-bound vehicles F Gustafsson, U Orguner, TB Schön, P Skoglar, R Karlsson Springer Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles

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