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Digital Signal Processing, TSRT78, HT2, 2021

Lab 1 Fundamental Signal Processing

  • The lab instructions can be downloaded here. The files for recording can be downloaded here.
  • Here is an android app that can be used to record wav files: wav recorder. Alternatively, use the provided simulink file.
  • Team up in groups of two. Ask your course assistant or the lecturer if you have troubles finding a lab partner.
  • Register for the lab in Lisam. Lab 1 registration.

  • The deadline for submission of the report is Thursday, November 25, 23:59.

  • On Friday, November 26, you will be assigned a report from another group. The deadline for submission of your review (1-2 pages) is on Tuesday, November 30, 23:59.

  • After receiving your review, include the required corrections and submit an improved version of your report on Sunday, December 05, 23:59.

  • The result will be returned to you by December 10th.
  • If your result is "Revision needed", make changes according to comments and upload the Revised Version latest on Wednesday, December 15, 23:59.

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