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Modeling and Simulation Lab 2 and 3, Robot modeling

The goal is to create a model for a part of a robot arm and to verify it in simulations. You will find the lab instructions here (Swedish) or here (English).

Fig. Measurement robot.

The robot is used to perform accurate measurements. The robot arm has a sensor which is activated upon contact with some object. By letting the sensor approach two surfaces the distance can be calculated.


  • During part 1 (lab 2) a model of the robot motor will be designed and simulated using two tools, MathModelica and Simulink.
  • During part 2 (lab 3) a more comprehensive model will be built and then simulated in MathModelica
  • You will also need some information regarding Simulink, Modelica and MathModelica which you can find here.

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Last updated: 2020-08-25