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Modeling and Simulation Lab 1, Identification

The aim with this lab is to build a reliable model for a weather vane using system identification techniques.

The lab instructions can be found here (Swedish) or here (English).

Report and review submission are done through a web interface. Instructions for sign-up and usage are found here, and the web interface is found here.

Fig. Weather vane.

This involves, among other things:

  • Experiment design (e.g. choose suitable input and sampling frequency)
  • Carry out the experiment and collect data from the system
  • Preprocessing data (remove trends and outliers, filtering, etc.)
  • Model structure selection
  • Model validation


Most of the lab will be carried out on your own time, in groups of two.

1. Data collection

During two scheduled hours you will collect data from the actual process (weather vane) in Laboteket (B-building, entr. 27, C-corridor). A lab assistant will be present to give some information and answer any questions you have regarding the lab. You will also create one author account per person and one reviewer account per group during this lab. Don't forget to sign up for the lab!

2. Independent work

After data collection, you will identify a suitable model of the weather vane with help from the Matlab System Identification Toolbox (available in Laboteket and ISY's computer rooms, as well as on your own computer if downloaded from Studentportalen).

You will have access to Laboteket during the course (when there is no scheduled lab) and can perform further data collection on your own if necessary. You are welcome to contact the teaching assistants if you have any further questions.

3. Lab report

A written lab report describing your results should be submitted (as an anonymous PDF-file) through the web interface. The report should be well written and conclusions clearly motivated. Reports written in Swedish or English are accepted.

Deadline: Two weeks after your data collection lab, e.g. if you have lab 17/9 then your deadline is 01/10, 23:59.

4. Peer review

Your group will be assigned a report (8/10) to review on the account created during the data collection lab. Remember to use your LiU-email and ID as email and username when signing up as a reviewer.

Deadline: 15/10, 23:59.

5. Final lab report

Read comments by reviewers and make adjustments accordingly. Furthermore, write a brief (max. one page) Response to Reviewers, where you outline the changes made (and why) to the report and put this after the cover page. When submitting the final version also send an email to Urkund (e-mail: mailto:mans.klingspor.liu@analys.urkund.se). Write "TSRT62 - Lab 1 report - Final submission" as subject line. The final version should not anonymous so write name, personnummer and LiU-ID on the cover page.

Deadline: 22/10, 23:59.

Deadlines for the individual steps can be found above or in latest news and are to be strictly observed.

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Last updated: 2020-08-25