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Modeling and Simulation: Laboratories

The course includes the following three compulsory labs:

  • Identification (2 h data collection + report + peer review)
  • Robot modeling, part 1 (4 h)
  • Robot modeling, part 2 (4 h)
The two modeling labs are performed in the ISY computer room Freja and are fairly standard 4 h labs examined on the spot.

The identification lab contains more independent work, in groups of two. It consists of two hours of data collection in Laboteket, followed by independent data analysis which is to be documented in a written lab report and then peer reviewed.

Note: You need to be well prepared to pass the labs. Do the preparatory exercises before each lab and don't hesitate to ask teaching assistants if you have any questions.

Lab sign-up

Sign up at LISAM web site, from September 2nd.

Contact person: Mans Klingspor.

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Last updated: 2020-08-25