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Signal Processing

Fredrik Gustafsson, Lennart Ljung and Mille Millnert

Studentlitteratur, 2010

This edition has evolved over the past twenty years, the first ten years as a compendium and then as a textbook in Swedish. It has been used in a course in Signal Processing at Linköping University by around 1500 students from all engineering programs. Already from the start, it distinguished itself from the large amount of textbooks on signal processing by shifting the focus from transform theory to a comprehensive treatment of classical (transform based) as well as modern (model based) signal processing aimed at applications on real data and problems. The selection of topics is guided by the topics of more than 200 external master's thesis in signal processing as well as the needs from our many industrial research partners. With this first international edition, we have further increased the connection to Matlab. The general idea is that each topic should lead to an algorithm with a compact Matlab function. These Matlab functions gradually adds functionality to the reader's versatile signal processing toolbox, where only standard Matlab is needed. However, each chapter summary also points out which functions are already available in the signal processing, control and system identification toolboxes. The presented functions are a part of Signal and Systems Lab, a toolbox taylored to the theory of this book. The lab contains a database of real signals the reader can play around with, many of these are used in the examples. All non-trivial examples of the book includes reproducible code, and all functions and examples in the book are included in the installation. There is also an accompanying book with exercises, also with a practical focus with a mix of problem solving by hand and \matlab programming. See also the publisher's homepage.

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