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Automatic Control

Making systems of various kinds perform well is what automatic control is all about. We are some 40 people in the division that teach this subject to more than 1000 undergraduates per year. We also do research that aims at covering a broad spectrum from industrial applications to development of new theories. Visit our pages to learn more about us, our research, courses, publications and the spin-off companies our research has resulted in.

Automatic Control

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The Wildlife Security initiative has received financial support from the Norrköping Research Foundation for development of a digital platform for use in the Kolmården zoo.
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Christian A. Naesseth has received the Best paper award at the 20th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics as one of the authors of the paper Reparameterization Gradients through Acceptance-Rejection Sampling Algorithms.


Fredrik Gustafsson has recently given two TEDx talks.
Göteborg 20161112
Norrköping 20170313


LINK-SIC (Linköping Center for Sensor Informatics and Control) has been granted competence center funding from Vinnova.


Gustaf Hendeby has been promoted to IEEE Senior Member.


Johan Löfberg, Inger Erlander Klein, Angela Fontan and Svante Gunnarsson have all been nominated for the pedagogical prize of the mechanical engineering students.


Kolmården Fundraising Foundation (KIS) has decided to donate new mobile phones to the Wildlife Security project. The phones will be used by the Ngulia rangers.
Wildlife Security


Manon Kok's PhD thesis is given attention on the university homepage.
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