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Automatic Control

Making systems of various kinds perform well is what automatic control is all about. We are some 40 people in the division that teach this subject to more than 1000 undergraduates per year. We also do research that aims at covering a broad spectrum from industrial applications to development of new theories. Visit our pages to learn more about us, our research, courses, publications and the spin-off companies our research has resulted in.

Automatic Control

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The paper Automatic robust convex programming by Johan Löfberg has been selected as one of the Editor's choice articles to showcase the Taylor & Francis journal Optimization Methods and Software.


The paper Smoothed state estimates under abrupt changes using sum-of-norms regularization by Henrik Ohlsson, Fredrik Gustafsson, Lennart Ljung and Stephen Boyd has received the Automatica paper prize.


The paper System identification of nonlinear state-space models by Thomas B. Schön, Adrian Wills and Brett Ninness has received the Automatica paper prize.


The paper An optimization-based approach to human body motion capture using inertial sensors by Manon Kok, Jeroen D. Hol and Thomas B. Schön was nominated for the application paper prize at the 18th IFAC World Congress.


Fredrik Gustafsson and Martin Enqvist are co-applicants in an EU project about Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marine and Coastal Monitoring that now has been granted funding.


On July 3rd, LINK-SIC's chairman Gunnar Holmberg, Saab, and Johan Bergenäs, Stimson Center and Linköping University, participated in a debate in Almedalen about the use of UAV's in society. One of the topics discussed was the Ngulia project.
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On July 1st, Fredrik Gustafsson will give a seminar about innovation efforts in Sweden during the Almedalen week together with some leading politicians and researchers.
Invitation (In Swedish)

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