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Automatic Control

Making systems of various kinds perform well is what automatic control is all about. We are some 40 people in the division that teach this subject to more than 1000 undergraduates per year. We also do research that aims at covering a broad spectrum from industrial applications to development of new theories. Visit our pages to learn more about us, our research, courses, publications and the spin-off companies our research has resulted in.

Automatic Control

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Daniel Axehill has been awarded an Iplom for the course Control Theory by the students at the Industrial Engineering and Management (I) program. The award is given annually to the top 5 courses for I students based on the course evaluation result.


Daniel Axehill has received a grant from the Swedish Research Council (VR) for the research project Real-time certification and reinforcement learning code generation for model predictive control.


Fredrik Gustafsson, Martin Enqvist and Gustaf Hendeby are arranging the 2017 Workshop on Research, Education and Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (RED-UAS) on October 3-5.
RED-UAS 2017
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Fredrik Gustafsson has been invited to a royal dinner in recognition for his research.
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The paper Gradient-Based Recursive Maximum Likelihood Identification of Jump Markov Non-Linear Systems by Andre R. Braga, Carsten Fritsche, Fredrik Gustafsson, and Marcelo Bruno was second runner-up for the ISIF 2017 Tammy Blair Best Student Paper Award at the Fusion 2017 conference.


At the opening session of the 20th IFAC World Congress Lennart Ljung received the Nathaniel Nichols Medal "For making state-of-the art system identification techniques easily accessible to engineers and scientists through long-term commitment to software development". This is one of IFAC's Major Awards awarded once every three years.


Daniel Axehill with project partner Scania CV has received a grant from Vinnova/FFI for the research project Stability and controller structures for self-driving vehicles.

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