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Automatic Control

Making systems of various kinds perform well is what automatic control is all about. We are some 40 people in the division that teach this subject to more than 1000 undergraduates per year. We also do research that aims at covering a broad spectrum from industrial applications to development of new theories. Visit our pages to learn more about us, our research, courses, publications and the spin-off companies our research has resulted in.

Automatic Control

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Reglermöte 2014

Fredrik Gunnarsson has been selected as Inventor of the year at Ericsson AB for his large contributions to the Ericsson patent portfolio, mainly concerning radio resource management, self-organizing networks and heterogeneous networks.
Ericsson news item and video
Ericsson photo


SenionLab, which is a spin-off company from the division, has been selected as one of the 33 most promising new engineering companies in Sweden by the Ny Teknik magazine and has recieved the Jumpstart prize from Teknikföretagen and Veryday.
Ny Teknik article (In Swedish)
Teknikföretagen (In Swedish)


Zoran Sjanic's PhD thesis is given attention on the university homepage.
LiU news (in Swedish)


Fredrik Gustafsson's research initiative about the use of modern sensor technologies for wildlife protection is given attention on the university homepage and in the local news.
LiU news (In Swedish)
Corren article (In Swedish)
24Corren (In Swedish)
Local radio (P4) (In Swedish)


Fredrik Gustafsson has been granted 50 million SEK over ten years as Distinguished Professor (rådsforskare) by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for the project Scalable Kalman Filters.
VR decision (in Swedish)


Professor Claudio Altafini has now joined Linköping University and our division.

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